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Connecting patients, clinicians, hospital facilities and medical aid administrators,
promoting a seamless continuum of care
Transform Your Healthcare Experience


Easily search for a GP, book your appointment, look up specialists and rate your patient experience

General Practitioners

Increase your patient pool, refer to specialists, other GPs or allieds electronically, and track your patient’s journey end-to-end


Widen your GP, dentist, and optometrist network for incoming referrals, and increase your access to theatre space and post-operative care services

Hospital Facility

Increase your theatre utilisation by attracting surgeons on Africa’s first online marketplace for theatre space

Medical Aid Administrators

Pre-authorise patients for surgeries and consultations and receive automated updates via


Geography & Platform Agnostic

Accessible on any device, any operating system, from anywhere! Securely connects patients and providers across geographies


Visible calendars for direct electronic appointment booking and management. Reduce no-shows via regular notifications


Encrypted messaging system for electronic patient referrals between providers, including securely attached referral files


Pre-authorise patient consultations and surgeries. Medical aid administrators are automatically notified of patient progress


Patients and providers review each other on quality metrics such as health outcomes, experience, etc.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Analyse and report on collected user data. Implement corrective actions and predict future behaviour

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Meet Our Team

Investment professional and entrepreneur with over 12 years’ experience investing in and transforming businesses in Africa and globally.

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  • Garikai Govati

    M +27 81 891 9783

    Business optimisation specialist and part-time lecturer with close to 10 years of experience in business analysis, operations management, business process re-engineering, customer experience management and strategic projects.

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  • Jessica Chivinge

    M +27 76 098 0537

    Technology enthusiast with 10 years experience in IT risk management, specialprojects and implementation of technology transforming business systems and processes across SSA.

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  • Farai Chikumbu

    M +27 72 612 6173

    Public Health specialist and healthcare strategist with over 11 years’ experience in advisory, organisational strategy, market entry strategy, product design, project management, monitoring and evaluation.

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  • Rhobhi Matinyi

    M +27 72 066 0015

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