Connecting Healthcare Stakeholders connects all stakeholders in the healthcare value chain, enabling a seamless patient journey


Can work in any healthcare system, be it public or private.


Designed and developed to be globally accessible with users’ rights.


Allows all stakeholders to collaborate around a patient’s healthcare journey.

Our Stakeholders was built in consultation with our stakeholders to ensure a platform that is fit for purpose.

Search for and book appointments with GPs; own and access your healthcare records; add family members as dependents.

Increase visibility of your services to grow your patient base; search for and refer to specialists; stay informed on your patient’s medical journey.

Widen your primary care referral network; book hospital theatre space; keep GPs in the loop.

Advertise theatre space to increase theatre utilisation; paperless admissions and discharges; manage ward beds

Reduce your admin burden with automated templates; appointment management 24/7 with reminders to reduce no-shows; manage client records electronically.


Diagnostics (Coming Soon)

Connect directly with practices and patients to increase revenue; manage bookings; upload patient results; reduce medical errors.

Medical Aid (Coming Soon)

Simplify pre-authorisation for procedures and consultation, while having access to track your members’ healthcare.


Pharmacies (Coming Soon)

Widen your client base while improving your client service through e-scripting with Advanced electronic Signatures, and automated script reminders.


Allied Health Professionals (Coming Soon)

Increase access to referrals across the value chain and improve collaboration with other healthcare professionals.

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