Press Release: Our COVID-19 Pre-Screening Symptom Tracker

Free Mobile and Web-based COVID-19 Pre-screening Symptom Checker Launched to Help Flatten the Curve

With the COVID-19 pandemic now reaching Africa’s cities and townships – the majority of which are not amenable to precautionary measures such as social distancing and self-isolation – it is highly likely that the number of infected people will grow faster than currently being observed. This, in turn, will cause a severe burden on the already overstrained healthcare systems of most African countries. Governments should be managing mortalities due to COVID-19 and this can be done more effectively through monitoring and tracking the patients with positive outcomes from testing and ensuring that they receive the required attention to manage their health as well as, to the extent possible, manage further spreading.

Aimee BlakePress Release: Our COVID-19 Pre-Screening Symptom Tracker
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