Our Story So Far

Unlocking African Healthcare through Technology

Our company name is inspired by Epione, the Greek goddess of the soothing of pain and that is exactly what we aim to do for all Africans and beyond. We believe healthcare is about fostering collaboration and increasing access to quality and affordable healthcare for all, using one true source of patient information.

Our journey began in 2017 when we identified a number of issues crippling many African health sectors – a lack of visibility and ownership of patient data, burdensome and excessive paperwork, diagnostic and prescription errors, inefficient allocation of resources and no holistic overview of both public and private health systems, critical to understanding population health interventions.

The next step was to consult extensively with all the key stakeholders in the healthcare value chain – patients, doctors, hospitals, payors (insurers), and governments by unpacking the pain points which were ultimately resulting in a siloed approach to patient management and care, and whose resulting inefficiencies are making healthcare inefficient and expensive for all.

By mid-2020, in the wake of COVID-19, we expanded our product suite to cater for individuals looking to track and monitor their health, and organisations keen to ReOpen safely in the #FightAgainstCovid with contactless screenings and a ‘COVID pass’.  This was also the year we launched in Zimbabwe.

Every African deserves to experience without the barriers, and we won’t stop until they do.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision at epione.net is simple: A healthier, more connected Africa. Our mission is to break the barriers in the conventional healthcare chain through disruptive technology implementations. At our core, we are grounded in our values as a team and a business, which are centered upon the true provision of “CARE” in healthcare.









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Meet The Team

Our business is backed by our co-founders, bringing strength and experience to achieving our mission as epione.net.

Garikai Govati CEO

Investment professional and entrepreneur with over 12 years experience investing in and transforming businesses in Africa and globally.

Rhobhi Matinyi CSO and Corporate Manager

Public health specialist and healthcare strategist with over 11 years’ experience in advisory, organisational strategy, market entry strategy, product design, project management and monitoring & evaluation.

Farai Chikumbu CTO

A technology enthusiast with 10 years experience in IT risk management, strategic IT projects and implementation of technology and transforming business systems & processes across Sub-Sahara Africa.

Jessica Chivinge COO

Business optimisation specialist and part-time lecturer with close to 10 years of experience in business analysis, operations management, business process re-engineering, customer experience management and strategic projects.

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