Our COVID-19 Response

Enhancing epione.net for COVID-19

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, digital channels to support our healthcare sector have become even more crucial. epione.net is undertaking multiple efforts to enhance our platform and patient mobile application, equipping our users with tools to support the tracing, processing and monitoring of suspected and confirmed COVID-19 cases.

By leveraging our existing functionality that provides end-to-end case and patient management, we are able to provide support for:

  • Practitioners, leveraging our case flows to cater for COVID-19 screening and testing management
  • Patients, providing them with self-monitoring features and patient education around the virus
  • Data mapping based on patient/practitioner locations
  • Integrations to support swift and effective test feedback processes

Patients: Symptom Tracker & Screening

Our goal is to support patients on two fronts: (1) To self-monitor and provide support and channels if symptoms present (2) To assist patients to locate COVID-19 screening points, and to ensure that testing and clinical procedure are followed.

  • COVID-19 screening appointment requests, following WHO/CDC/NICD case definition guidelines.


  • Symptom tracking on a daily basis for the window period set by the patient, including tracking for cases where exposure has not been confirmed.


  • Grant remote monitoring access to associated practitioners, enabling them to monitor symptom progression and severity.


  • Daily symptom dashboard with severity monitoring and automated care instructions for severe cases.


  • COVID-19 case tracking to ensure the patient is kept updated on the progress of their case.

Now available on iOS and Android!

Doctors: COVID-19 Case Management

Our goal with this implementation is to support healthcare professionals by easing the administrative burden, while ensuring that data captured and shared is complete and accurate.

  • Both practices and patients can book COVID-19 screening appointments, with flags on these cases for tracking.


  • Practitioners are able to remotely monitor their patients’ COVID-19 symptom severity and progression, using Health Tracker.


  • Practitioners can update their profile to indicate that they are COVID-19 screening doctors.


  • Auto-generated referral letters for COVID-19 testing, with template responses for positive and negative results.

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