Meet Our Patient App

Our mobile patient app is now available on the Play Store and App Store! Here are 10 reasons to join the patient revolution.

  1. Your healthcare data is yours. Access to your information is granted by you, through receiving access requests from doctors via our patient mobile app. We’re putting your healthcare in your hands. 
  2. Track your vitals over time, with our graphed data showing you trends in your BMI, glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure. Whether you’re monitoring for chronic conditions or targeting weight loss, our vitals tracking helps you navigate your health with the assistance of your doctors. 
  3. Keep track of your allergies, prescriptions and chronic conditions, all in one place. Updated by you or by medical professionals, your records will be updated across the board. You can even specify your chronic medications.
  4. Get an overview of your upcoming appointments and procedures from your dashboard,  including case summaries to help you easily understand your medical journey.
  5. Get a quick and easy view of all the doctors on your cases. If you have been referred, you will have access to every member of your care team.   
  6. Keep connected with your medical cases, with everything in one place. Your referral letters, medications and even case attachments are available at your fingertips, any time.
  7. Receive live notifications when updates are made on your medical cases, and get helpful reminders when you have upcoming appointments.
  8. You can manage your doctor appointments in one place, from primary care clinicians (GPs, Dentists, etc) to specialists. Schedule and reschedule your appointments as and when you need to. 
  9. Easily search for doctors who meet your needs. Search by location, payment method, or medical aid, and view their detailed profiles before you make your booking.  
  10. Your patient profile is yours to manage, update and share only with those doctors who are providing you with healthcare. 

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