Designed for You and Your Practice

Reduce your admin, and spend time where it matters most, caring for your patients.

Centralised Case Notes

Centralise your case notes and patient records with, enabling up-to-date record keeping and clinical note taking.

Easy Electronic Referrals

Electronically refer your patients to specialists, automatically generating referral letters in the process

Case Visibility and Collaboration

Get an end-to-end view of your patient’s journey, even after referring them onwards. No need to call the specialist to get feedback.

Simple Practice Management

Empower your practice managers to get more done with easy to use patient scheduling, record maintenance, and in-system alerts.

Expanded Patient Pool

Create a secure profile online accessible to patients globally to book appointments via their mobile app or the web-based portal.

Connect your smart practice now!

Related User Roles

Take a look at the features available to other healthcare stakeholders to understand how your role interacts with theirs.




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