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Do more in one place for your patients and your practice.

Centralised Case Notes

Centralise your case notes and patient records with epione.net, enabling up-to-date record keeping and clinical note taking.

Expanded Referral Network

Leverage your epione.net profile – create and increase your inbound vertical and lateral referrals, when you need to.

Case Visibility and Collaboration

View seamless case flows from primary care referrals giving you full visibility of your patient’s journey from when they arrive at your practice.

Book Theatre Space Online

Book theatres online and reserve your theatre slots with our marketplace for theatre space. Manage reschedules and cancellations.

Simple Practice Management

Empower your practice managers to get more done with easy to use patient scheduling, record maintenance, and in-system alerts.

Get connected for collaborative care!

Related User Roles

Take a look at the epione.net features available to other healthcare stakeholders to understand how your role interacts with theirs.

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